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SAMRAN Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and distributing products used for cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms such as pots, dishes, cups, pans sponges and flooring, toilet scrubbers….etc…

Our company has continuously improved the quality of product that meets the most difficult requirement from our customers, and we’re also working to produce a variety of different products tailored for each type of cleaning gadget. With over 20 years of experience, we have brought the brand "SAMRAN" to become familiar and indispensable companion for the housewife in every family. We are currently one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field.

Our remarkable advantage is all products are produced locally with majority domestic materials, that makes our productprice extremely competitive.

With a 20,000 squaremeter factory area, the company is divided into various separate sections, each specializes in producing individual category of product such as the green heavy- duty scrubber, the Inox scrubber and the metallic non-scratch scouring scrubber..... This layout helps the company performing highly specialized production, capability of responding to large orders. With the continuously updating science and technology, our company is currently operating the most modern, efficient equipment and latest technology. And from there, we can meet the most rigorous product qualityrequirement.

Our goal is: '' Constantlymaking effort to achieve the highest product quality, increasingfriendlyenvironmental and healthy product for the end-users '.  With many years of staff experienced and dedicated customer care, we believe our customers will be fully and fast responsive all requirements in our capability reach.